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646q Giant Airship Mix 50ct

646q Giant Airship Mix 50ct

50 Count Bags
Assortment Includes: Jewel Tone Quartz Purple, Ruby Red, Mandarin Orange, Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, Standard Pink, Light Blue, White, Citrine Yellow, Emerald Green, and Diamond Clear.

These are THE monster airship balloons from Qualatex. They are a full 6 X 46 and that's pretty big. Issue #26 of the magazine Balloon Magic shows how to make a free standing arch out of them. They could make an impressively large stick figure type sculpture. They could be large elements of fancy figures like the tanks of a scuba divers outfit or a figure's head and body.

 Or, they make great Action Toys. These things are weighted just right for making:

 1. A huge Flying Tulip like the flying mouse (make a circle of your thumb and finger, pull the stem through the circle, stretch the stem and let it go). It's much easier than shooting a 260 tulip.

 2. A Slow Flyer. Fill and tie the balloon, squeeze the very end flat, cut a pencil sized hole, point the balloon up and let it fly. The way this balloon is weighted, the knot end stays pointing up as it flies. The kids will bring it back for a refill, again, and again, and again..... This is a great pre-birthday show activity.

 3. The Bouncing Balloon. The size and weight of this balloon works great for the bouncing balloon trick. Put a 1` high bounce ball in the balloon through the nozzle. Inflate the balloon but don't tie the knot. Let the ball fall to the nozzle and it will stop the air. Drop the balloon on a hard surface and the ball bounces up into the balloon, the balloon flies up, the ball gets stuck in the nozzle again, the balloon falls, the ball bounces, the balloon flies up... until the balloon runs out of air. And you can do it again, and again, and again....

 4. Not to be left out. A big, long balloon like this is just fun to throw.

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Price: $29.95


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