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Beyond the Casade

Beyond the Casade

Beyond the Cascade

by George Gillson

 This 3 ball juggling book goes beyond many in that it features complex tricks typically not covered in other books. Many of these tricks are well known to the experienced juggler but are new to many beginning or intermediate jugglers. The regular cascade and some basic variations are included, but the strength of the book lies in the more sophisticated variations such as The Spiral, Pistons, Mill's Mess (including Half Mess, Mill's Simultaneous, Inverted Mess and Half Inverted Mess), Boston Mess, The Machine, The Snake, Clawed Chops, Circling the Yo-Yo, Slam, Statue of Liberty, See Saw, 4-4-1, String, Weave, Burke's Barrage, Rubenstein's Revenge, Fork Patterns, Slice, etc. This newly revised 2005 current edition includes over 100 tricks.

Clearly illustrated. 97 pp.  

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Price: $29.95


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