Polypro Dance Hoops


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These colourful classic hula hoops are sleek and simple in design, but high in quality and durability. Perfect for hoop dancing as they are the Goldilocks of hula hoops. Not too heavy, not too light!

With a range of dazzling colours, you’ll find just the right one to match your style or maybe you’ll be like us and need one of each!

Each hula hoop weighs approximately 250 to 300 grams (depending on the size) – slightly weighted for the perfect on-body hula hoop dance experience.

Made with the highest quality Australian polypropylene plastic.

Available in three sizes which are all 20mm diametre: 65cm, 85cm and 100cm 
 Five fabulous colours to choose from: Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, and Yellow

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Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow