Balloon Magic Book


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The essential beginners to intermediate beginners balloon bible! Marvin explains balloon twisting from basic to advanced with 55 one-balloon figures. Clear photos and a great layout make this book easy to follow.
This is a high quality book with laminated pages and being spiral bound, it opens out flat allowing it to be followed easily while you are attempting new designs.


Contains: Basic, Mouse, Giraffe, Floppy ears, Basset hound, Dachshund, Cat, Swan, Antlers, Deer, Elk, Moose, Ram, Bunny Rabbit, Poodle, Tulip, Daisy, Sunflower, Orchid, Chihuahua, Squirrel, Mane, Horse, Rocking horse, Lion, Lamb, Teddy Bear, on Unicycle, Love Birds, on Swing, Parrot in a swing, Dove, Eagle, Turkey, Road runner, Alligator, Bullfrog, Fish, Kissing fish, Sword, Ski pole, Pistol, Headphones, Skateboard, Chopper, Bicycle, Biplane, Airplane, Jet-727, helicopter, Doll, St. Bernard, Elephant, Unicorn, Motorcycle with a kickstand.


1/2 size, Soft cover, Sprial bound,158 pages