Boys Collection Set of 7 Stamps


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Simply ink a Burpo rubber stamp on a special face stamp pad and apply picture outlines on a child’s cheek. Then take your paintbrush and facepaint palette and color the picture. No artistic skills required. Stamps have been designed especially for face painting and are fast and easy to use, even by beginners. Designs are ABOUT 2 inches square. Burpo’s child-safe ink washes off with soap and water and is child safe. Made in USA. The Burpo stamp pad is refillable.


Boys Collection includes: Snake, Lizard, T Rex, Stregasorus, Skull, Shark, Spider

1. Ink a Burpo rubber stamp with the washable ink pad
2. Apply the stamp to the face or arm

3. Use your paints and fill in the outline
4. If you are painting a simple stamp like the baseball there is an even better way. Simply paint on a round white dot on the face and then stamp the outline over the white. You just painted the perfect baseball in less than thirty seconds.


`Because I don’t draw, I never tried to face paint. But thanks to your outlines, now face painting is my specialty`
-Sassafrass the Clown, Brooklyn Heights, NY