Dragon Breath Powder – Lycopodium Powder


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Dragon Breath is a combustible powder used for fire effects and flashes. It is highly flammable when air born and in contact with flames or other sources of ignition. When the powder is dispersed into a fine mist near a flame, it ignites into a spectacular fireball. This results from an increasing available surface area for combustion: when the powder is dispersed into a mist, the particles are surrounded by enough oxygen to support a combustion reaction.

Outdoor use only. Not to be used in wind. Allow 5 meters minimum clearance from other people and objects. Avoid vapours. Do not use for fire breathing or fire eating. Do no ingest or inhale. Wash thoroughly after handling. To be used responsibly, for professional use only.
In case of fire use alcohol resistant foam or CO2.

Directions for use

Use in conjunction with a hollow fire club. Fuel up the Kevlar Wick End with Firelight as usual, then flick off any excess fuel. Fill up your hollow fire club with Dragon Breath. Light up your Kevlar Wick away from your fuel source and hold your prop upward so that the powder doesn’t spill out. As you move your club on a downward and vertical plane, the Dragon Breath will disperse through the air and the cloud will ignite when in contact with your wick.