Giant Bubble Wand 25 Pack


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These giant wands make amazing huge bubbles. Just as much fun to watch as to play! These 25 wand packs are heavily discounted and are perfect for fundraisers or celebrations.


Comes in mixed colours.


Super Strong Bubble Mix
1 litre of water (warm is best)
250mls of quality dishwash liquid. 
30mls of glycerine or gluscose syrup (this makes the bubbles stronger)
This makes 1.3 litres of mix. 
Stir well and scoop the foam off the top. 

Pour mix into a pizza dish, plant saucer or bucket. Do not push the wand hard onto the bottom of a bucket as this will evently snap the wand. 
Wave the wand slowly in the air to produce bubbles. Regulary scoop the foam off the top of the mix.