Impressive Two


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Twelve cards are displayed and they are counted out into two piles each of six. The spectator is invited to do exactly as you do. First each place a pile behind the back, withdraw one card and place it on the table. The magician takes the spectators card, still face down and places it behind his back with his pile. The spectator does likewise. The magician instructs the spectator to place this card on the top of his pile, turn it over and then cut it into the middle. Both piles are brought out and placed face down on the table. The piles are both spread across the table so all the backs can be seen with the two face up cards. The face up cards are identical. The audience will say `Yes! But they’re all the same`. – or – You say `I bet you thought they were all the same`. Both piles are turned over to show they are indeed all the same but completely different to the two original cards placed face up in each pile.