Matrix Contact Staff 100mm Wick


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Our contact staff’s are a large 25mm diameter (as compared to 20mm for a non-contact staff), are weighted to the hilt, and gripped up to the max.
This staff is the result of years of fine tuning and customer feedback. They’re gripped right up to 15cm from the flame offering protection from burning and the maximum contact area.

A suitable length can be anywhere between shoulder height, chin, nose and eye level. The longer the staff the slower it will move and less versatile for moves.
Due to the lengths of these staff, delivery is only available in Australia (no overseas orders)





Overall Length
Smalll     – 1500mm
Medium   – 1650mm
Large      – 1800mm

Kevlar® Wick Ends
W: 100mm
T: 3.2mm
L: 560mm

W=Width T=Thickness L=Cut Length on Each End

Aluminium Staff
Diameter: 25mm
Wall Thickness: 1.6mm
Finishes: Bright Dip (sil)

`Bright Dip Silver`