Nimbus Gel Saddle


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This saddle is based on the KH saddle, but refined to have a lower profile and less bulk. Reduced thickness makes it much easier to hold the saddle with one hand when riding seat-out. This is especially important in trials riding where seat-out hopping and riding is a very useful technique. The Unicycle gel saddle is ideal for freestyle riding as it makes transitions to seat-out front and seat-out back easier. Long distance riders and commuters will also benefit from the additional comfort of the gel insert.


The Unicycle gel saddle comes fitted with an ergonomic front handle similar to the Kris Holm saddle’s.

Robust black vinyl cover with red or blue kevlar fabric side panels.

Plastic base has improved internal reinforcing in front of the seatpost – a weak point in previous Velo designs. This improvement allows the use of a flatter internal steel plate, which in turn makes the seat stronger and stiffer.


Available in red and blue colours.


Fits standard 4 bolt seatposts.  Weight 885g

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