Pixie Fire Stick 1in Wick


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The Pixie Fire Stick is our smallest fire staff measuring in at just 60cm long. It’s a good fire prop to use when you want really small flames for close proximity performances, as it features 1` wide Kevlar wick, our smallest wick size.

The Pixie Fire Stick also makes the perfect set of mini double sticks which means you’ll have to buy two. This staff is by no means designed to be a beginners or first fire staff as we’d recommend a much longer staff to start off with.

Sold individually.


    • Very small wicks
    • Very small flames
    • Lightweight
    • Fun


Weight: 170grams Overall Length: 600mm

Kevlar® Wick Ends: 2 x W: 25mm   T: 3.2mm

W=Width T=Thickness L=Cut Length on Each End