Set of Ten Face Dotters


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Face Dotters™, are the next step in very fast designs that can easily be stamped onto the face, arm or body. These rubber stamps are about three quarters of an inch in diameter as shown above. They come on the end of a painted wooden dowel for ease of use. The actual impression on the skin with be dependent on the particular color of face paint you use. To use the stamps you may paint the face paints onto the surface of the rubber stamp, you may apply the paint to a sponge and then stamp the rubber dotter on the sponge and then to the skin. In some cases, if your mixture is correct on the make-up cake you can put the stamp on the cake and then onto the skin. When the paint is applied properly to the rubber stamp you can get several impressions without recoating the rubber stamp with paint. This makes great simple designs literally at your finger tips. Anyone can do simple designs with these Face Dotters™. This also keeps the paint away from your fingers. The set of ten dotters sell for $ 49.00 or buy them individually for $6.50 each.