Lotus Fire Fans – 3 Wick


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Just as Beautiful and elegant as the original 5-wick but lighter and easy to dance with,  the Lotus Fire Fans 3-Wick are shaped after the lotus flower to enhance your fire dance performance. This version features 3 petals and 3 wicks.

The powder coated steel structure is designed to be comfortable in your hand to hold. The top of the ring features a small finger spinning hole and as well as a larger spinning ring to expand your range of tricks.

Kevlar wicks are securely sewn on, but can still be easily changed when the wick eventually wears out.


  • 3 x 300mm x 50mm wide Kevlar® wick fire heads on each fan.
  • Fan Width: _mm
  • Fan Height: _mm
  • Made from 4mm and 7mm diameter welded steel wire.
  • Small ring internal diameter: mm
  • Large ring internal diameter: mm
  • Weight: _gm per fan.

Sold as a pair of two.