The Professionals Guide to Fire Eating Book & DVD


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Award-winning bizarre magician Brian Brushwood unveils the most complete explanations of fire eating to date! Nothing is held back in this volume.

Learn exactly how working professionals eat fire in this tell-all book, written in an easy-to-follow `how to` format. This complete expose of fire eating methods features: 172 pages – 208 illustrations – 24 effects – 8 spin flourishes – PLUS sections on material safety, torch construction, the most effective fuels, health risks, tips for the working professional, the history of fire eating, and more! Contains OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets for the 6 most popular fuels used to eat fire, any one of which can be deadly if handled improperly. These sheets detail chemical compositions, properties, health hazards, proper handling and first aid procedures.


Book: 172 pp. 8 x 10 1/2. Paper.


The companion DVD demonstrates of ALL the effects in The Professional’s Guide to Fire Eating. Every effect in the book is demonstrated between 5 and 8 times, displayed both at full speed, and in various degrees of slow motion. A full 3 camera shoot was used to display 3 different perspectives simultaneously, thereby showing over 35 minutes of footage in less than 12 minutes! This format makes it faster to access and view individual effects. By using this DVD, the student will discover subtle nuances about each effect’s performance, greatly increasing the speed at which they learn, and answering several questions before they even arise.