Thin Spin Fire Staff


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The Spin Fire Staff is a thinner and shorter firestick which makes it ideal for kids, short people and anyone who likes to do fast finger spinning tricks. It’s made of 12mm thin aluminium tube making it perfect for smaller hands and it’s light-weight measuring 1 metre in length.
For safety person’s under 18 years old must have parental or guardian permission when purchasing and twirling.


    • light-weight
    • thin pole for finger spinning
    • shorter length
    • budget priced

50mm (2`) Kevlar® Wicks
Burn well over 100 times!
Fire resistant Kevlar® wicks withstand 100’s of burns, offering super long-lasting flames.
The Kevlar® absorbs the fuel, then once lit the fuel is burnt, leaving the Kevlar® in tact.

Professional Cushioned Sports Grip.
Soft on your hands while providing excellent grip for safer and more comfortable twirling.

Extruded Aluminium Tube Staff.
The perfect balance between weight and strength.

Overall Length

Kevlar® Wick Ends
W: 50mm   T: 3.2mm450mm
W=Width T=Thickness L=Cut Length on Each End

Aluminium Staff
Diameter: 12mm
Finishes: Silver