Global Face Paint 15ml/45ml/200ml Jars


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Global face paint has a thick liquid consistency, making it very easy for everyone to use and is perfect for beginner face painters to use. No need to add water, just dip your brush in and paint away.

Their Std colour range includes: Black; White; Blue; Green; Red; Yellow; Brown; Purple; Orange
Global Face & Body Paint is a safe non-toxic paint for use on the face and body. It is designed as a drama and theatre paint which can also be used for fetes, fairs, children’s parties and wherever face and/or body painting is required. Global Face & Body paint is made to the highest standards and conforms to all government regulations and requirements.

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Brillant Red, Brown, Deep Blue, Deep Green, Deep Red, Green Oxide, Light Blue, Light Green, Turquoise, Utlra Blue, Black, Orange, Purple, White, Yellow


15ml, 200ml, 45ml


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